Barthelemy Ateme-Nguema / Publications récentes

Articles de périodiques


Ateme-Nguema, Barthelemy, et Thien-My Dao. (2009) Quantized Hopfield networks and tabu search for manufacturing cell formation problems, International Journal of Production Economics, vol. 121, no 1, p. 88-98.


Articles de conférences


Atema-Nguema, B. Dao, T.-M. Songmene, V. (2008) New Approach Based on RSM and Ant Colony System for Multi-Objective Optimization Problem: A Case Study, IEMS 2008 14th International Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems, Cocoa Beach, États-Unis, cédérom.


Ateme-Nguema, B. Dao, T.-M. (2007) Optimal Selection of Manufacturing Routing of Parts: A Case Study, International Conference on Industry, Engineering and Management Systems, Cocoa Beach, États-Unis, pp. 708-713.

Ateme-Nguema, B. H. Dao, T.-M. (2007) Optimization of cellular manufacturing systems design using the hybrid approach based on the ant colony and tabu search techniques. IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Singapour, pp.668-673, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society.

Ateme-Nguema, H. Dao, T.-M. (2007) Quantized Hopfield Networks and Tabu Search for Manufacturing Cell Formation Problems, Applications of Metaheuristics, Proceedings of International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management (IESM 2007), Beijing, Chine, cédérom.

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